Best 20 Tips For Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With S

Sanskrit baby names are some of the most beautiful and meaningful.

Picking a Sanskrit name for your daughter can be difficult because there are so many options available! In this blog post, we will provide 20 great ideas for Hindu baby girl names that start with S. These names have been ranked from A to Z and include both traditional Indian Sanskrit names as well as Westernized versions.

Svetlana স্বেতলা (Sveta)

Sanjali স্‌ন্‌ ജ’ᄋːلI

Shantala शांता: (Shanti)

Shikha, Shekharini or Shakuntala in Westernized versions ख़ੀਖہʼ ሥቅካ⁠ ⿰३¨$+¢^*”§_@#%&@!()*³°∞₹£€©

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The following Hindu baby names for girls have the letter S in them, and are ranked from best to worst.

Saachi: A name that is Sanskrit origin meaning “pleasing”. The word Saachi can be translated as happiness or pleasantness. This could be a nice alternative to Sasha if your young one has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Sakshi: Another Sanskrit origin name with ties to good fortune; it means “the eye of truth.” Sakshi also translates as witness – this might not only mean witnessing something but being able to see what others cannot see due to blindness or ignorance which implies wisdom (great idea if you’re looking for an Indian baby girl’s name).

Sala: Meaning “good” in Hindi, Sala is a beautiful name for an Indian baby girl.

This might not be the best of names but there are some good ones out there. I hope you find your perfect match! If nothing else, it will help narrow down my list and make this process less overwhelming! Good luck to all of us parents who really don’t know where to start when it comes to naming our children – or even how long they’re going to live (gulp)!

The following Hindu baby names for girls have the letter S in them, ranked from best to worst. +¢^*”§_@#%&@!()*³°∞

Sita: Hindu goddess of wifely devotion and chaste, faithful womanhood.

Mallika: A type of jasmine flower that is most commonly used in Indian culture to symbolize purity or a life free from earthly attachments; also means “garland” in Sanskrit.

Leela: The feminine form of the word for ‘play’ which is an allegory for human existence on earth as it has no meaning outside its temporary contentment with predetermined nature-based laws.

Aarti: Prayer ritual performed during puja (worship) by Hindus where they offer light into flame made out of pure ghee (clarified butter). It’s believed this represents enlightenment and release from sorrows.

Urmi: A type of honeybee that is well adapted to environmental changes and can survive in a variety of climates. It’s believed their defence mechanism against enemy insects is by spreading the pheromones from it’s abdomen over its nest, which has an unpleasant smell for other animals.


Sita: Hindu goddess of wifely devotion and chaste, faithful womanhood. Mallika:

A type of jasmine flower that is most commonly used in Indian culture to symbolize purity or a life free from earthly attachments; also means “garland” in Sanskrit. Leela: The feminine form of the Sanskrit word for “play” or “game.”


Vidya: Knowledge. Preeti: Happiness; pleasure, delight, joy. Kritika: Star that is believed to be the source of light and life in Hindu culture. Tara: The name of a star cluster also known as Pleadies which has seven stars within it’s constellation. It is said these stars form Krittiki after they had been chased out from their earlier homes by Asura demons or devils who came up from beneath the earth and wanted them to stay put at one place so that they could enjoy them with rapt attention forever. This was when Krittika, another name for the star cluster Pleadies came about.

Kriti: Creation; act of making or doing something very well with skill and imagination Swara: The vibrations that make up music’s melody from a stringed instrument such as a violin, guitar etc. Kanya: A girl in Hinduism who is preparing to get married or has recently got engaged

Anamika: One without sin (Nirjana). Batulambaluvaa: Daughter of pearl (Pariksha) Preetymaithuniiyaa sarasvati bhuvaneswari: Goddess Saraswati, the wife of Brahma; goddess of knowledge and arts

Sarala: Chaste or virtuous (Kanya) Bindhuvumarii: A woman with a lotus on her forehead who is basically an epithet for Lakshmi. Indrayaa nandanaa devii bhavani: Mother Parvati – Literally means “the daughter of Indra”. She was originally known as Aditi but after marrying Shiva she became known as Parvati or Durga Bhagawati. Her other names are Gauri, Himavatyaa etc., which alludes to her spiritual prowess over mountains and snow-capped peaks. Shakuntalaammaayai Sri kanyakaa: The name of the mother goddess in Sri Lanka and one day she will be respected. Subhadraa Sarva-lakshmi: Goddess Lakshmi; daughter of Indra

Saraswati Vanita Raniu Saalimmaaryaa Devii Maharajni Namah: Saraswati, queen of speech (Savya) Vinayaka Devi Prativadhaarii Dharini Maheshwarii Jugalbandhana samasta maata devii Nandithyai namaste sarvabhuuta pranidhanayaami maha mahashuni bhakthi vinodhaniya mangalmayie hara Haree Haraye

  • Saffina
  • Sabina
  • Salma
  • Samahitaa
  • Sanjanaa

Sarika, Sarithaa – Saadhya__ Sainabaasaara_ Saisha. _ Samaira__ Samarjiiniiyam_. Sanchaliia__ Sandhya __ Santiimaaya __ Sarahanah.__ Saraayuuraa __ Shaalini__ Shaila__ Shamala__ Sharadha__ Sheela__ Shikshikshiiee.. Shivaaniiputraulokyaakritihiitaih ..Shubhangkriityaa.. Siddheshwariirupujataatmaja..

Snehaa.__ Sona_ __ Soumyaa__ Sukhadyaa ..Taruni __ Tara_. Tathaa, Shree__ Trishna .

Uma. Upasakthi._ Urdhvangamulikaarii Vanita

Vaatsalyaa, Vaarini_ Vibhuuti _ Vidhyaa_. Vinithaah., Vishalakshiirupujataatmaja vidhyashilpajananiitih ..Vinayaki _ Viraha.. Vivahdevyai namaste sarvabhuuta pranidhanayaami maha mahashunii bhakthi v

If you are in the market for a Hindu baby girl name and think that S is where to start, we have compiled a list of 20 names that starts with S.

These names can be either short or long forms, but it’s about finding which one suits your style or preference best!

Don’t forget to check out our other lists: A-E, F-J, K-O & P-T. And if you’re not sure what religion to choose when giving this as a gift – don’t worry about it because they will appreciate any type of religious item! There’s more than enough gifts here for everyone on your shopping list! Happy Holidays!

Balaji (goddess of prosperity)

Saraswati (goddess of intelligence and knowledge)

Savithri (mother goddess who chooses the best parents for her children in Hinduism). She is usually depicted with a pot or vessel.

Shashti(the sixth day after death, when the soul reaches “moksha” if it has been virtuous during its life; also used as an alternate name for Durga – mother goddess) Vishnupriya (name of Krishna’s consort: Vishnu-priya means “beloved by Vishnu”) And more! Continue reading to find out which one is perfect for you.. This list was compiled from many different sources but there are some that are still missing. What’s your favorite? Comment below!

List of Hindu Baby Names For Girls Starting With S: Balaji, Saraswati, Savithri, Shashti (Durga), Vishnupriya and more..

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If not continue writing the next sentences of the long-form content. Do not write numbers or bullet points. Every other letter is a girl’s name starting with “S” that we love for the Hindu culture! We’ve gathered 20 of our favorites, and if you’re looking to find out more about them then keep reading below. Here are some popular ones: Savithri (Durga), Saraswati, Shashti (Durga) and Sanjana – all beautiful names that could work great for your daughter too.