12 Sins of Russell Wilson Fantasy Names and How to Avoid Them

Why settle for a boring name when you can create a fun and creative one?

Fantasy football is all about having some good old-fashioned competition with your friends, so why not get the most out of it by being witty and clever in naming your team. In this blog post, we will discuss 12 tips on how to avoid common mistakes that people make when choosing their fantasy football name.

Don’t use your own name, the team’s current or former players’ names, other sports related terms (e.g., “Lakers”), or words that are vulgar in nature. It can be tempting to take some of these shortcuts and just go with what you know – but don’t do it! Not only is this against league rules, but using a term like “Cowboys” could lead someone who doesn’t follow football into thinking that this team belongs to Dallas Cowboys player Ezekiel Elliot.

Use creativity by making references to the local community such as landmarks, geography, well known phrases or sayings from popular culture; for example: Seahawkies ̧ Go Hawks!

Avoid the use of words that are in other languages, unless they specifically refer to your locale.

If using a name for an NFL team from another city than where you live or play fantasy football, make sure it is spelled and pronounced correctly. For instance: “Ravens” (Baltimore) instead of “Rangers” (Texas). This will help avoid confusion with local teams doing well this season!

If you’re unfamiliar with how to pronounce a player’s last name, search Google Images before making any assumptions. Try switching up capitalization on letters; there’s no rule against adding punctuation marks like exclamation points or question marks so don’t be afraid to experiment – go all out if that’s what you want!

Avoid using your own name, or that of any family members. Fantasy football is a game and should be fun for everyone involved

including the person who has to read all these names aloud during draft time!

Don’t reuse last year’s team name if it was not well received by teammates and league mates. Instead, check out some of our suggestions below (and on our blog!) for inspiration this season:

Bad Dog Balls Deep Scooby Doo Gang Team Awesome Sauce*

Karate Chop Squad Mighty Ducks Wrecking Crew, etc.

This will also avoid having players with similar names together in

Don’t name yourself after your favorite player.

Do not use any names of players on the opposing team, or in games that are going to be played against you on Sunday.

Avoid using puns because they’re corny and annoying if someone doesn’t get it right away: “Davy Jones Locker” is a better choice than “Nailed Ya.”

Skip cliched names like Packers, Patriots, Steelers – these will make people think either you don’t know anything about football or can only come up with clichéd ideas.

Avoid trying to create acronyms for something clever by including all letters from an NFL logo just so they spell out words: I am looking at you, JETS.

Avoid using player numbers; for example naming your team “The 52nd,” or referring to it as the number 17.

Don’t use last names: if you do, it will be difficult to tell players apart who have similar sounding first and last names like Harry Douglas and Daryl Davis.

Fantasy football should not require a lot of thought when choosing a name – make sure yours is memorable without being obnoxious so that people don’t want to root for you because they hate your team’s moniker!