13 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Tried Red Dragon Names

I was recently introduced to a new game called Red Dragon Names. I found it on Facebook and decided to give it a try.

I downloaded the app, created an account, and began playing. There are many things that people need to know before they start playing this game: 13 of them in fact!

What is the goal of this game?

The point of Red Dragon Names is to create a dragon with four different attributes: scales, wings, horn and breath. The player can choose from dragons they’ve already created or make their own custom design. There are many colors and patterns available for each attribute, so there’s an opportunity to really customize your creation! When playing in Create Mode, you have unlimited access to all shapes/colors for any given detail on your dragon (scales). You also get points every time someone likes what you made. So it’s worth taking some time when designing your first few creations before starting out into battle mode where everything has weight attached. Once you’re ready for that challenge though – go for it!

The only downside to this game is that the matching algorithm can be a little slow at times, but you’re given ample time (30 seconds) to make your selection. So just be patient and have fun designing dragons in Red Dragon Names!

As you can tell, I had a lot of fun designing my first few dragons!

It’s a really easy game to pick up and play with lots of customization available. You don’t need much time before getting into more advanced features like battle mode and the matching algorithm (which does work). The only downside is that it takes a little patience when waiting for matches between players but as long as you go in expecting this – then it shouldn’t be an issue. All-in-all, Red Dragon Names was so addicting making me want to keep playing until all 100% were unlocked. So if anyone ever wants some help unlocking things or even just tips on how best to design your next dragon? Feel free to reach out via email or Facebook.

  • I should have picked a name with less syllables.
  • It takes time to get used to new names, and that’s okay.
  • The most popular names are probably bad for me personally because they’re too common (and I want my kids to be special).
  • There’s no point in picking out the perfect name when you don’t know if it’ll suit your personality or lifestyle down the road.