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Now that you have your walleye, do you know how to prepare it? It would be such a waste if you can’t find a walleye recipe that can showcase the texture and taste of this fish. A great catch deserves a great recipe. Here are some sources to help you decide on the best way to cook your walleye:

What better way to prepare a walleye than to use the recipes that fellow anglers recommend? This site provides recipes posted by walleye fans. Some yummy walleye recipes to try: the simple but rich baked walleye fillets in cheese sauce and the easy but crunchy parmesan cheese and breadcrumb-coated fish.

Try the easy to prepare marinades and sauces included on the site. If you have a walleye recipe of your own or know one that other anglers will love, you can post them on there.

This site contains recipes of fish and nothing but. The walleye recipes are provided on the links and aren’t arranged by type of fish, so if you want to find a recipe, you’ll have to read through the list. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, though, this site has some excellent walleye recipes for you to try. If you prefer, you can also try recipes for other fish and see how it fits by substituting your fresh walleye.

Recipes on this site are categorized by fish, so other than walleye, you’ll find salmon, trout, halibut and catfish, among others. Simply click on the appropriate link to find delicious walleye recipes.

You’ll also find tips, tricks and advice on the proper way to prepare and cook walleye, so you have no excuse not to prepare a good dish.

Other than recipes, you’ll also find a practical list of walleye preparation and cooking tips on this site. Recipes are as simple as the Battered Fish & Chips or healthy like the Walleye with Vegetables recipe. You can also try the down-south comfort food recipe of Cajun Fried Walleye. There are only a few recipes on this site but they’re worth trying.

This is a no-frills recipe site but the recipe ideas are excellent. You’ll also find a good tip on using fish substitutes for walleye, including dore and pickerel. Try the heady Walleye with Beer Batter or the convenient party-ready Walleye Fillet Cups.

For great-tasting walleye recipes, try the ones on this site. Click on the walleye-insider/recipes link and find recipes such as baked walleye with sage and hazelnuts and the crunchy and flavorful almond-crusted walleye. Try the flavor of the East with the crispy walleye recipe with the Asian style dipping sauce.

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